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Al Mamsha Sharjah Accomodates Growing Needs of the Future

The Emirates collectively host more than 190 nationalities co-existing in peace and harmony in communities constructed under the guidance of best international practices, promoting the highest quality and standard of living. The prolific business environment and excellent infrastructure make the UAE an excellent locale for both singles and families to flourish.

However, finding adequate space to accommodate the growing needs of the urban landscape has been a constant battle for large cities, not just in the UAE but around the world. Unlike many parts of Europe where greenfield sites can be problematic due to issues around land ownership and possible contamination, the UAE has historically been able to provide a blank canvas of greenfield sites for mixed-use developments. With more flexibility shown towards urban planning, the UAE has also benefitted from the freedom to be innovative with its vision to develop mixed-use developments within a sustainable urban environment. There has been an increased focus on sustainability and driving energy efficiencies through green buildings, reducing energy consumption, and optimizing water usage, all underpinned by a government desire to implement best practices to achieve sustainable, livable cities.

The challenge in the UAE is to create a sustainable, livable city that offers appeal to an extremely multicultural and financially diverse mix of end-users. The UAE continues to concentrate on transport planning in its quest to understand the impact of developments on surrounding transport networks.

The pandemic propelled the world into a new way of working and living, where the very notion of community has changed. Traditional communities now co-exist alongside communities that are no longer bound by geographical location. Mixed communities promote a sense of community by bringing together employees, visitors and residents, enabling socialization and cohesive communities. Working from home taught us that flexibility is key to building resilient communities and economies, no matter where you are in the world. This has further created a demand for balance and seamless integration of work, home and social lives, a demand that can be met with the employment and housing opportunities presented by mixed-use developments. Modern communities must be built with firm foundations of world-class construction and design, focused on key areas such as efficiency, sustainability and livability.

While the future is undetermined for many industries across the globe, mixed-use developments like those in Sharjah and the wider UAE, will guarantee plentiful investment opportunities, leading to economic growth and stability for urban areas. Mixed-use developments are better at adapting to changing social and economic environments due to their multifunctionality and pre-made community. While people benefit from having homes, workplaces and social interactions closer together in mixed-used developments, investors will also reap the rewards of diverse portfolios. Not only are diverse portfolios more resilient to shocks but having the ability to respond to community needs is what secures longevity.

Al Mamsha, Alef’s flagship community in Sharjah prides itself on being the first-ever walkable community, promoting a healthier lifestyle. With a variety of residential buildings including studios, 1-2-3 bedroom apartments and duplexes, Al Mamsha offers a world of convenience with its retail market close proximity to University City of Sharjah and Sharjah Airport.