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Al Mamsha Raseel by Alef Group
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Own your distinctive aqua living experience by Alef Group at Al Mamsha Raseel


    Traditional building methods using columns and pt slabs with insulated blockwork facade and roofing system, concrete that provides superior resistance to fires & natural disasters.

    Natural ventilation and wind enhancement by using buildings’ locations to redirect the winds and move fresh air by exploiting different air pressure points that reduces building energy consumption.

    Open Layouts design for all units supported by glass walls making small areas feel much larger than they actually are.

    Embrace The Flow Of Urban Aqua Living Experience

    Peaceful like the still water where drops of tranquillity enrichen your living experience yet flowing with freshness and vibrancy.


    State of the Art ventilation and air-conditioning systems that optimize the treatment the air inside the unit, thus saving energy and reducing electricity bills

    All residential units have 3.2 meters high ceilings, which add an elegant touch and make the units looks much larger

    Features and Amenities

    • Full body solid ceramic for floors
    • Multiple extensive swimming pools and Kids waterpark
    • Elevators comply with international safety standards
    • Advanced CCTV cameras, located at building’s entrances monitored from main security center located within the project
    • Partial central control system for the smoke control and the firefighting system. For each apartment we have home automation system
    • Motion sensors in all building’s corridors and Central natural gas
    • Italian designed and quality toilets
    • Premium tile flooring through unit
    • Elegantly proportioned windows with park views
    • Finely crafted & fitted wardrobes
    • Controls via smart switches, home automation control panel & mobile app
    • Underground Car Parking and Pedestrian shaded sidewalks