food and beverages at al mamsha souks

Dine at Al Mamsha

Immerse your senses with delicious dishes and flavors that suit all tastes. Al Mamsha offers a diverse range of cafes and restaurants from all around the world that overlook the vibrant community square.
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amoodis cremary
SS1 - Al Mamsha Souks

Amoodi Creamery

Amoodi’s Creamery blends PREMIUM ingredients in small batches to create delicious artisan Ice Cream

allo beirut al mamsha souks
RD5 - Al Mamsha Souks

Allo Beirut

The shawarma, the sandwiches, the grills, the mana’ish! No one has faithfully hit this homely vibe away from Lebanon like Allo Beirut has.

honore cafe at al mamsha sharjah
RD4 - Al Mamsha Souks

Honore Café

Contemporary French Bakery, Relish the ambiance of Honore’s French bakery.

toga coffee
SW2 - Al Mamsha Souks

Toga Coffee

Toga, an acronym for “take off go around”, will brew the perfect cup of coffee that grew in selected altitudes.

RD1 - Al Mamsha Souks


From tart to sweet, or plant-based to no sugar added. We have a flavor for everyone.

arabica al mamsha sharjah
RD1 - Al Mamsha Souks


A unique Speciality Coffee concept originating from Japan which serves and roasts the best coffee from around the world.

All Day Café
RD4 - Al Mamsha Souks

All Day Café

Coming soon