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Al Mamsha Souks was inspired by the architecture of the old souks in the Emirate of Sharjah. It was designed with the latest style according to a sustainable environment that enhances human health and well-being through the use of shaded pedestrian paths that harmonize with architecture designed to provide comfort, safety, and privacy for residents and visitors.

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Al Mamsha Souks represents the vital element at the heart of Al Mamsha project, as it is characterized by its lively atmosphere inspired by the old Khan souks, which is full of original culture and customs, and carries with it the freshness of ancient life and the smell of ancient heritage.

Master Plan - Al Mamsha Souks

Al Mamsha Souks is the zone 1 of Al Mamsha Sharjah by Alef Group which includes 33 buildings, retail shops, kids play area and many more.

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