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RC 2 – Edge

Distinct designs and spaces for one-bedroom residential units
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Edge - Al Mamsha Souks

Grab the opportunity to live in the latest launches of Al Mamsha, and choose what suits you from distinct designs and spaces for one-bedroom residential units, equipped with the highest international quality finishes, the finest facilities, and the best amenities.

Al Mamsha Edge is distinctive with its stunning views overlooking the swimming pools, kids’ play areas, open landscapes, and water features, besides having private parking slots.

We adopted an open layout design for all units supported by glass walls and chose the double-glazed windows that insulate the sound and provide more safety for your home. Also, we used modern technology for ventilation systems that recycle and purify the air inside the unit, thus saving energy and reducing electricity bills.

Al Mamsha Edge is characterized by high-quality finishes in every detail, starting from the ceramics and reaching the floors. All have been carefully selected to invoke a touch of luxury, with modern Italian finishes for kitchens and bathrooms using solid beech wood, which is characterized by its high resistance to shocks, and therefore it is the ideal choice in manufacturing furniture, as it makes your home feels comfy and cozy.

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