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RC 1 – Sama

Sama Al Mamsha is your ideal choice for living and investing
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Sama - Al Mamsha Souks

Al Mamsha offers a unique opportunity to live and invest in fully furnished residential units, for the first time in Sharjah, with distinctive, elegant, and thoughtfully planned one and two-bedroom residential unit, equipped with highest international standards, the latest technology, and first-class furniture types inspired by the latest fashion trends that suit all residential and investment purposes, to give a sense of stability and comfort from day one, and make the move into a new home easier.

Sama Al Mamsha is distinctive with its stunning views overlook the swimming pools and kids’ play areas. Also, it is easy to access Al Mamsha main entrance, besides having private parking slots.

Sama Al Mamsha provides residential units with many design options, equipped with the highest international standards, the best facilities, and the finest amenities. All residential units have a modern style, distinctive lighting decorations, and natural ornamental plants to add a unique freshness to the home.

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