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Wellness at Al Mamsha Souks

Al Mamsha sets a new profile for young and modern youth. It ensures a better quality of life that supports active and healthy living.
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360 beauty lounge - al mamsha souks

360 Beauty Lounge

360 Beauty Lounge is a model to upgrade the beauty care experience and provide outstanding services with a modern, cozy interior.

ora yoga

Ora Wellness Lounge

Ora wellness lounge focuses on women as they grow through their incredible journey of life and motherhood.

float salon al mamsha

Float Barber Shop

An ultimate destination for the modern gentlemen is now open at Al Mamsha Sharjah.

modern pharmacy

Modern Pharmacy

MPC is the leading healthcare distributor in the UAE

Modern Healthcare clinic

Modern Healthcare Clinic

MPC, a trusted name in the healthcare sector for over 50 years, opens MODERN CLINIC at Al Mamsha Sharjah.

al marsam arts academy

Al Marsam Arts Academy

Al Marsam is a local art cafe that provides space and materials for people from all backgrounds to express their artistic side.

Sylvan Learning Centre

Sylvan Learning Centre

Coming soon

Luluat al Bahr laundry

Luluat al Bahr Laundry

Coming soon

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